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CIMM Group is a leading dynamic and diversified Production, Manufacturing, Engineering, Procurement, Commission (EPC Project), Industrial Internet Application and Development, Logistics, Investment & Financing Solutions Provider and an International Integrated Conglomerate High End Business Service Developer to the International Metallurgy World.
Over the past 20 years, we, CIMM GROUP has maintained intensive investment and trade contacts with more than 120 countries in the fields of ferrous, nonferrous, mining, investment, finance, health, etc. and we have done many international projects, such as Sulfuric Acid project, Metro project and Steel-making project in India, Pelletizing project in Oman and so on. CIMM has become a well-known brand enterprise in the field of metallurgical industry at home and abroad.
In order to expand global market share of CIMM business below, to strengthen the establishment of CIMM global market ”10111” localization service network (10 means “within 10 kilometers”, 1 means “within 1 hour”, 1means “service is available in one whole day”, 1means “service is available one whole year in all 365 days”. The offline service is established within 10km to key customers that is reachable within 1 hour, providing pre-sale and after-sales service around the clock), to provide our better service to more customers, CIMM GROUP are looking for regional sales agencies who can meet following requirements in worldwide now.
Business Scope
1. Graphite electrodes, refractories, copper moulds and other strategic consumable materials used in metallurgical industry
2. EPC+F projects (building, bridge, road, mining, metro, steel making plant, power plant and so on)
1.Expand business and enhance the market share;
2.Provide professional support and excellent service to customers;
3.Make report of customers’ requirements and on-site situation correctly and timely, solve the problems in time with support of technical team.
1. Experience and ability to use the internet to develop markets and customers to reach achievement;
2. Working experience in above business scope in a country or district for 3+ years;
3. Professional background related to mechanics, metallurgy, chemistry, and medical;
4. Sales engineers or technical experts are preferred;
5. Proactive, passionate, aggressive with a strong desire to achieve goals
Affected by the epidemic, the global economy will continue to decline in the next 3-5 years. The extensive business fields and sustainable development of CIMM Group will provide our agents/partners with stable employment and rich remuneration, you can realize your social status and create value through CIMM platform. Welcome to join in CIMM Group !
Welcome to join CIMM Group !

1. For Graphite electrodes, refractories, copper moulds and other strategic consumable materials used in metallurgical industry,
please contact
Cola Jin
Mob.: +86 13591164452 (WhatsApp/Wechat)
2. For EPC+F projects
Jack Lv
Mob.: +86 15998594210 (WhatsApp/Wechat)