Graphite Electrode Production

Graphite Electrode Production

We manufacture & export Graphite Electrode for 27 YEARS. On basis of our Ready Stock in Croatia, we can supply Graphite Electrodes with IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.

Normal Power Graphite Electrodes (NP)
High Power Graphite Electrodes (HP)                                
Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes (UHP)

Supply scope of graphite electrode (in diameter):

Ф100mm — Ф700mm
Electrode being extruded out:

Electrode in Baking process:

Electrode in Impregnation process:

Electrode being re-baked:

Electrode in Graphitization process:

Graphite Electrode being machined:

Tolerance Inspection:

ge inspection

Graphite electrode in loading for shipment:

electrode transportation (3)

electrode transportation (6)

electrode transportation (8)

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Headquarter in China:
Ms Cola Jin