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About Dr Mark Shujun Ma


Dr Mark Shujun Ma is the Founder ,Chief Designer, Chairman and CEO of Ark Of China which is the First Industrial Internet Integrated O2O Platform committed to develop Innovative E Commerce Ecosystem amongst SMEs from all over the world with a vision to lead SMEs’ global development to create employment, to promote global cooperation among SMEs to decrease poverty .(Dr Ma is nicked more and more as the “Third Horse” after Jack Ma founder of Alibaba and Phony Ma founder of Tencent, Ma is a popular Chinese family name has the same Chinese writing and pronunciation of Horse In Chinese)

Dr Mark Shujun Ma is the Founding CEO of Global Cooperation Center(GCC)of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprise(CASME), GCC is entitled to encourage and support global cooperation amongst SMEs from all over the world through innovative E commerce and Digital Economy. Dr Ma is also the vice Chairman of CASME which is the only nationwide NGO fully focusing on serving 70 million SMEs throughout a series of effective solutions from national policy making to tailored help with long term supervision and comprehensive support from National Reform and Development Commission and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC.

Dr Ma holds a PHD in Economics from DUFE and a MBA from DLUT. He also studied  Metallurgy and Environmental Management in Tsinghua. He is a well known Globalist, Economist, Metallurgist and Industrial Internet Pioneer and Powerful Speaker. He is also a Professor in DUFE and Tutor of Master Students in International trade and Economic cooperation.

26 years since graduation, Dr Ma has been passionate in continuously improving business systems and practices in frontiers of International Trade, International EPC Project contracting and foreign investments, adhering consistently to the "Going Global" transnational operation principle. In recognition of his contributions, Dr Ma has been invited to attend more than 100 International conferences, including TMS, AIST in US, World Mobile Conference, APEC, World Internet Conference, World Environmental Conference, Summer Davos, Far East Economic Forum, International Ferroalloy Conference, Steel Success Strategies, Graphite & Graphene, etc.
Dr Ma's globetrotting for making the business happen has his footprint in more than 129 countries and regions, and more importantly he has perhaps the highest number of visits to India amounting to over 217. During his global business trips he visited various workshops, R&D offices of around 20000 manufacturers of different products, 500 Steel mills, 300 engineering houses, 200 mines, 100 Aluminium Plants and Copper Smelters all over the world.
As an expert with rich experience in marketing and sales, Dr Ma has established over 1000 network outlets in more than 100 countries and regions, with the functions of market development, sales, after-sale service, information collection and agency, thus creating a platform for a broad international marketing network and servicing system that covers the main countries along "One Belt One Road", taking India, UK, Germany, Brazil and South Africa as the key markets.

Dr Ma is also the founding Chairman of AII Liaoning province(Alliance of Industrial Internet is under Supervision of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China).He is the Chairman of Overseas Exchange Committee of  Liaoning Province, the Secretary-in-General of Going Global Alliance of Liaoning Province ,member of Liaoning Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference, Vice-Chairman of Dalian Municipal International Chamber of Commerce, senior standing member of Advisory Committee of Dalian Municipal Government and Dalian Municipal Committee of CPC, Vice-Chairman of Dalian Federation of Industry And Commerce, the Executive Director of Dalian Municipal People's Foreign Friendship Association.

Based on the solid vast marketing network and service system, Dr Ma has been devoting himself so much on building and operating the first Industrial Internet integrated O2O Platform with a lot of innovative ideas, technologies and actions since 2014. He has a great vision creating a Global Business Ark(GBA) for SMEs and Large Companies to develop globally through a new innovative Emmerce and Deconomy (E commerce and Digital Economy)Eco Society (EDES)in the world through worldwide cooperation by applying the latest Industrial Internet Technology and AI. GBA is aiming to provide EDES services to 100million SMEs and start ups.